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Network consultation / telephone consultation

Customers in the product design and development process, you can through any one of the channels and the European market operators to conduct a preliminary communication, according to the customer's description and customer requirements, address contact records. And by technical support staff to solve. The euro will arrange the nearest sales and marketing engineers from customers to interview with customers.

Field Service

Sales and marketing staff in accordance with the headquarters of the arrangements, the fastest customer needs to reach the customer company, with the customer's technical staff face to face on-site communication. Understand the most real application needs of customers. Provide the right products for customers to use.

Order delivery

Ou Road has a special order processing department, will receive orders in the day before the morning, two batches through the system to order the decomposition of the supply chain to the supply chain processing center. Order processing center according to capacity delivery, breed arrangements to ensure the fastest production rate of products to the hands of customers.

After-sales service

Europe Road every day with their own professional and enthusiastic to provide customers with high quality and efficient services, continue to improve customer satisfaction for the customer's production operation escort. In the field of terminals has a strong technical and experienced team of engineers, to provide customers with 7x24 hours all-weather service.

Our promise

If you purchase the product in the warranty period, the electronic commitment to the European Road, Europe within the scope of electronic products on the failure of free professional maintenance or on-site service. If you would like to determine the product warranty period, please contact customer service or call 0574-63681105. Our technical support offers 24/7 - day / week service.