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Screw free terminal market applications gradually expanded
Release date:2019/1/7 16:43:41 Click:2841
        With the development of wiring terminal, the product cost of screw-type wiring terminal is increased, and the technology of screw-free wiring terminal is becoming more and more mature, easy to operate and low cost. In recent years, screw-free wiring terminal has become popular.
       Free screw terminal products of Ningbo ULO electronics co., LTD., reliable performance, time saving, can clamp the corresponding single wire and multi-wire. Material selection: shell -- nylon PA66, flame retardant 94v-0, environment-friendly material, in line with European ROHS standards; Rigid and flexible, corrosion resistant to most chemical reagent, has the remarkable ability to resist leakage current breakdown, allows the temperature of 105 ℃ continuous work, and keep the stability of short-term high limit is 165 ℃, low temperature limit is 35 ℃ below zero; Conductor material -- high precision imported copper, tin plating.

    Screw free terminal is widely used in electronic ballasts, transformers, electronic appliances, communications fields; Operation method: press the button and insert the single or multi-ply wire (multi-ply wire needs soldering) with a length of 8-9mm into the hole. Disassembly method: press the button to remove the wire. There is a test hole above the hole for testing.
    My company's products on the quality of a strict test and testing; Safe and reliable, easy to operate. The following is a simple test method for product materials, material proof, SGS report and certification can be provided if necessary. Plastics: test method for comparison of flame retardancy by fire. Pin: test method, 20 times press line test without deformation, spring strength, pull out strength.

    Since the foundation, ULO constantly gathered talented and professional personnel in the field, introduced the most advanced production facilities and testing equipment,“ULO” means “Understand, Love, Open”,with the Mission “Help Customer Create Higher Value, Help Employee Pursue A Better Life, Contribute to Society”,we will make unremitting efforts for our dream.

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