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How to use terminal blocks
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How to use terminal blocks
The terminals provide connections for multiple wires. Terminal manufacturer
The terminal of the electrical connector, which allows the connection to the power of multiple wires at a particular point. Terminal blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes, with a wide range of terminals. Terminal blocks can be found in many different electrical systems, including automotive and circuit boards. There are two types of terminals that accept bare wires and other wires that accept connections and lugs. Through the following simple steps, the terminals can be easily connected to a power supply.
Terminal manufacturers
How to use the terminal in the AC application how to connect the terminal board wiring
What you need
Battery cable
Cable cut
1 Levin battery cable between the power and the terminal.
Terminal manufacturer
2 Use a cable cutter to cut off the battery cable to the desired length. It is best to leave the extra cable is safe.
3 Insulation of each end of the battery cable stripped 2 inches. You will have to peel off the four ends.
4 will be connected to the four terminal ears, each stripping the final wire. Use a crimper to strip the wire tail to secure the ear.
5 red battery cable Connect the black battery cable connected to one end of the positive side of the battery to the battery negative terminal. Fix each lug with a gasket on the top of each battery terminal.
6 Each cable on the terminal block is plugged into the appropriate port. Red cable into the port labeled "+", and the black cable into the port marked "-".
Terminal factory
7 Fasten the wires to the terminals, tighten the two ears with each screw with a screwdriver. Be careful not to overtighten the screws.
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