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Ningbo Oulu Electronics Co., Ltd. Construction Activity - Relax Bay Village Happy World
Release date:2018/6/14 14:46:01 Click:5602
On June 2nd, Ningbo Oulu Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a team-building activity. Under the leadership of Pilotage Development Training Co., Ltd., it started an activity called “Run it, team”.
A total of 41 colleagues participated in the event. Under the leadership of the instructors, the team divided into four teams of red, blue, and yellow powder. After grouping under the guidance of instructors, the breakage of various projects began! In the morning, there were three activities: "Acupressure group jump rope," "Zodiac," and "Impression puzzle." The most challenging force was "Acupressure group jump rope." Bare feet on the fingerboard, the acid is cool, and now I feel aftertaste. If you don't complete a project, WeChat public number will have a prompt for the next environment. According to the prompts for the next project, of course, each completed project also has a corresponding "pilot currency". The final outcome is based on how much your first money is. of. Time flies, and every team has reached the final stage in the blink of an eye. Eventually, the first team is the Red Team and has received 154 pilot coins. The Pink Team regrets that only one coin is worse than the second.
The journey of the day is well-ordered. Everyone is immersed in a joyful and stressful atmosphere and gives their team a piece of their own.
"The individual who contributed was the entire team." This is the deepest feeling and harvest of my extended training. The team has a variety of capabilities and personality members, how to integrate the various styles of members to form a consensus, step in unison, give full play to their role in forming a strong cohesion, is the key to a team's success. Each member of the team must closely link their own interests, future, and destiny to the team, and actively accept training from all aspects of the team to fully tap their potential, enhance self, and contribute to self. It is the hope of a team. . Individuals and teams are interdependent and seek common development. Once employees are not limited to one job, the company's efficiency, quality, productivity, and employee satisfaction will both increase.
In the training of the project, the team members all showed their spirit of contribution. They play their own advantages, learn from other people's strengths, and accomplish their goals and tasks together. They truly reflect the unity and collaboration of a team, communication and coordination, sincerity and trust, passion and challenge, courage and confidence, quality and attitude, insight and consensus. perfect. In this process, we also exercised and enhanced our comprehensive capabilities in formulating goals, planning programs, organizing, commanding, and executing.
In short, this extended training made it clear that people are only forge ahead, keep up with the times, and integrate everything with the company to contribute to themselves, to demonstrate the spirit of Eurol’s company and to unite its strengths in order to make our company In the fierce market competition will always be invincible.
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