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Celebrate the opening of the new website
Release date:2017/2/14 11:25:54 Click:7323
Ningbo ULO Electronics Co., Ltd. (ULO) is committed to "safe, environmentally friendly" electrical connection
The company specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of international standard and customized terminal blocks, connectors and shells. The main products are plug-in terminal blocks, screw lifting terminals, screw-on shrapnel terminals, spring-type terminals , D-SUB housing, cable, 57 series of cards, European-style socket, the use of the terminal, the fence terminal, the rail terminal, round hole IC, horns, simple cattle, row of pins, Plug-in switch, USB, HDMI, DVI, breadboard, etc., covering dozens of series, thousands of specifications, widely used, the use of high- Security control systems, computer systems, network connectivity, industrial control and instrumentation, consumer electronics and home appliances related products, and power and energy industries.
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